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We offer a laser engraving service, specializing in wood engraving. Our staff is capable of assisting in a wide variety of products from formal briefs, inspiration boards or even a general idea, using either our in-house stock of materials, or those sourced by you. We are capable of producing your ideas and always thrilled to meet new challenges.

Quality Wood

From HDF to Oak.

Your Ideas

Turned to Life.

Custom Artwork

Create Something New.

What We Have to Offer You !

We stock laser cut ready materials for sale and for our design and production services.

We also offer a service for customers looking to use their own materials to be engraved rather than template ready designs.

We charge a minimum of R100 per item that requires engraving (This is based on the amount of detail in the engraving).

Photos, photos, photos…

Artwork For Engraving

Artwork can be supplied or our designer can quote you on your requirements. We
are able to work from jpeg files, but some additional “vectorization” might be required.


• Artworks / Logos that are entirely in one solid darker colour, e.g. red or blue, may be useable.
• Images – (.jpeg), (.png) over 300 dpi – lower resolution produces unacceptable results.
• Black and White Graphics can also be submitted but will be required to be re-mastered.
• Corel Draw (.cdr) converted to curves
• Vector Graphic Files (.eps), (.ai) converted to outlines.
• PDF can be submitted if the artwork is in vector format and everything converted to curves.

Articles, articles, articles…

Whether you’re a seasoned caregiver, a concerned pet owner, or simply someone seeking practical advice on various topics, we’ve got you covered.


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